How Video Doorman works for you…

No doorman? No problem. With Video Doorman, you’ve got something just as good.

For about $1 a day, you get safe, secure package delivery and notification, a secure package room, improved building security, an on-call “escort”  right to your floor whenever you need it, emergency access for police, fire, and medical personnel and more.

How it works

The Video Doorman process consists of five simple steps–all backed up by our expert security teams.

The turnkey Video Doorman system begins at your front door with high quality components.

Central Station
Behind the technology are our specially trained Video Doorman monitoring teams.

As deliveries arrive, Video Doorman operators are there to protect you and your property.

Secure Storage
A tenants-only, secure package room is a key element of the Video Doorman system.

24/7 Recording
Day and night, Video Doorman is truly the eyes and ears of your building. And it doesn’t miss a thing.


The system starts with an exterior Video Doorman entrance panel equipped with a backlit high-resolution camera, a built-in speaker/microphone with noise reduction and a VDM Proximity card reader.

Central Station

Once your buzzer rings, the signal travels over a high speed internet connection to a 24-hour UL certified, Central Station. Dedicated Video Doorman Operators are specially trained to handle video monitoring calls.
Any intruder or unauthorized person is questioned and advised that we are watching and recording them and can call the authorities. If necessary, the proper authorities are called and dispatched to your premises.
All systems are backed-up regularly so you always have a complete history of who came to your building.

Entry and Exit Tracking

High Resolution cameras and speakers/microphones allow Central Station operators to interact with and monitor the courier’s progress to the package room. Once the delivery is made, the courier is immediately escorted out of the building and the tenant is promptly notified of the delivery.

Secure Storage

A key element of the Video Doorman System is the installation of a secure, alarmed package room in your building. The package room is then connected to our Central Station for 24/7 monitoring.
After selecting a suitable location, we equip the package room with a camera and microphone to record all activity 24/7 and a card access reader to allow entry only to authorized individuals. Should someone break in, our Central Station is notified and the authorities will be dispatched.

24/7 Recording

Using the most advanced, professional digital recording systems, Video Doorman provides 24/7 real time, high-resolution video recording and on-call 2-way remote audio/video access control.
24/7 Vital Signs Monitoring instantly reports any system malfunction to our Central Station experts who can then take action to correct the situation.