It’s never too late to add Video Doorman lobby video security system to the amenities list you offer your buildings. The Video Doorman system provides package delivery, a higher level of resident security and 24/7 surveillance services for about $1 a day. Vastly less expensive than having 3-shift, 7-day doorman coverage.
Video Doorman adds enhanced levels of service and security to residents and also increases the value of every unit in the building.
For co-op and condos who don’t have doormen but who still want those services, Video Doorman is the answer.
During construction on buildings and properties, Video Doorman can be seamlessly integrated into a complete intercom/security system. The result is a new and extremely desirable selling feature.

With Video Doorman, tenants in non-doorman buildings can receive packages, enjoy better building security and more. Using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and live monitoring, Video Doorman functions just like an actual doorman, but for a small percentage of the cost.

To see how Video Doorman works, CLICK HERE

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